Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Back in Maastricht

I feel very comfortable now in Maastricht. It took a good week, but I feel pretty integrated now.

I actually walked to the gym today. It was a freakin hour long walk. I'm thinking I need to get a bicycle here. It took me 3 hours to workout. 2 hours of walking and 1 hour of actually lifting. I found we have a facility here in our buidling, but the jerks running the place here only allow Dutch kids to use it. It's not fair considering that they will have full access to the SLC in Waco, which is a much nicer facility. And seriously, these kids here don't even use the facility. No one really works out here in Europe. They're all scrawny looking geeks. Us fat meaty Americans could easily knock the caca out of them in a fight.

Anyway, at least I got to work out. The room was itty bitty, and they were blaring techno music. I actually liked that. I hate working out to thug rap at Baylor. It just annoys me to death. The high energy techno keeps you going--as gay as some of it sounds. On the way back home, some dutch girls gave me a hoot and holler. And so my ego grows. . .

I also found a great running route in the city that goes through some beautiful terrain. It runs though some country side and fields of who-knows-what. Probably marijuana. :) But the run is really nice with the fantastic weather. I spotted a rabbit in one of the fields, first one I've seen on this trip. (And I've seen all sorts of animals)

Speaking of which. I met a man in a train station with a beautiful looking dog. I was pretty burly and had a brown and black coat with a large tail. but the amazing thing about it, is that it had Luke's head. It was his head exactly!! Exact same skull structure. I asked the man what it was, and turns out it is a German Shepperd/Rotweiller mix. One of it's ears was droopy and the other straight up. Funny no? Maybe Luke has some Rotweiller in him or something.

Alright well more as it developes.


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